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Design Responsive HTML Email Newsletter Template

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Newsletters play a big role today in the world of online marketing.  It is one of the most popular media platforms today and is a great method of use to keep your audience up to date on your latest products or services and details of your promotional offers as and when they are available. Buyers follow you because they trust you and loyal fans so this is a great opportunity to display what you have to offer them.  We will create for you a beautiful newsletter and with pixel perfection.  

What do you get with this?

  • Email newsletter design in HTML file.
  • PNG image of the email newsletter.
  • Compatible with all email service providers.
  • Compatible with all devices: desktop, tablets and smartphones.

What we do: You can select from the themes we provide you with and we will create for you an amazing responsive HTML email template to match your company branding and insert all the relevant images and text.

Please Note:  This is simply for the creation of your theme and does not include setting up onto your email platform.  It is important to supply us with correct images as we do not edit images.  If you images need cropped or resized you can purchase these from our add-ons.


  1. Logo
  2. Strapline
  3. Branding colour details if different to your logo
  4. Banner/Images you wish to use in your newsletter
  5. Images of product/services you wish to include in the design (high quality)
  6. Introduction text
  7. Prices( if required)
  8. Relevant product descriptions

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