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Resize and Optimise Image/Photos For Your Website

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Images play a very important part of any website as they create a visual impact for those that come and visit your website. We all want our products and services to look appealing and show quality in our business. This is one of the reasons it is important that what you show online is picture-perfect. Images don’t just need to look pretty when it comes to showing off your business, they also need to be the correct size as larger images take up more server space which can slow down your website. We will correct the pixel dimensions of your images and remove any unwanted objects making sure viewers solely focus on your product. What do you get with this? Resizing of images (up to 50) Pixels of the image will be resized as your requirement Reduces file size as you can use on the web JPG and PNG file format What we do: We will resize your images as you can upload to the website. We provide high-quality images suitable for uploading to your website or print brochure. Please Note: This service only resizes the image and the removal of minor scuff marks, if you need more detailed amendments to images please contact us beforehand.
Requirements: Images in a zip file The required dimension of images in pixels Required image format Required file size Details of your required format Anything else we need to know

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