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Resize and Optimise Image/Photos For Your Website

৳ 4,000.00 ৳ 5,000.00

Images play a very important part of any website as they create a visual impact for those that come and visit your website. We all want our products and services to look appealing and show quality in our business. This is one of the reasons it is important that what you show online is picture-perfect.

Design A Dashboard For Your Website

৳ 15,000.00 ৳ 18,000.00

A beautifully designed dashboard is not just about the looks but is of great importance when you have lots of information you wish to analyze easy and quickly by telling its own story. A dashboard tailored to your business will help you gather data and put it into context for you to see the most relevant data clearly in the one screen to monitor it at one glance to help you take the relevant next step. We will understand your business requirements and the important factors you need to analyze and create a stunning dashboard.

Design Responsive HTML Email Newsletter Template

৳ 5,000.00 ৳ 6,000.00

Newsletters play a big role today in the world of online marketing.  It is one of the most popular media platforms today and is a great method of use to keep your audience up to date on your latest products or services and details of your promotional offers as and when they are available. Buyers follow you because they trust you and loyal fans so this is a great opportunity to display what you have to offer them.  We will create for you a beautiful newsletter and with pixel perfection.

Responsive Front End Development For Your Website

৳ 20,000.00 ৳ 24,000.00

A successful website is one that has a clean design and can keep clients on the page. Nobody likes to visit a website which is very clunky or hard to navigate around and very unfriendly front end design. We will plan and strategically design a fresh, innovative fully responsive website. We will understand what it is your business does and what you are looking to change with the new design and follow the branding to suit your requirements.

Build You A E Commerce Website

৳ 50,000.00 ৳ 70,000.00

We will create a well-designed eCommerce store for your business using the latest technology. Laravel is the most user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) for online shops. You will be able to swiftly and easily manage your shop interface using a user-friendly interface.